Giving Back Control and Margin to Publishers

Column6 is a new kind of software and services company for publishers. We aren’t an ad network. We aren’t a media company. We build video technology to support publishers in simplifying operations and growing revenue. So if you are unsure how much margin your SSP is taking and you can never reach their support team, let us introduce you to Column6.


As an independent software company, our decisions are focused on publisher needs, not conforming to industry norms. It means being a technology partner not a media middleman.


Since we’re a software company, earning a low fixed fee, you pay a fraction of the cost of a traditional SSP. You get a crystal clear view into performance and pricing with no hidden fees.


As a platform partner you “own” and completely control the technology. The C6 Stack gives you granular control and exceptional performance through a complete white-labeled solution.


Even though you own the platform, you’re not on your own. We pride ourselves in becoming an extension of your ad ops and business team. It’s high touch, tailored support for your needs.

Origins of the Brand

The 6th column of our software’s database table is the most important data point—the Publisher ID. It’s where our whole platform pivots, it’s where our entire business focuses. The name Column6 reminds us that our origins are in better data and analytics but our core purpose is helping publishers win.

Introducing the C6 Platform for Publishers

Why rent an SSP when you can license your own platform? As an enterprise platform publisher you have full control of one of the most powerful, yet easy to use, ad platforms. Manage and create inventory, easily optimize for revenue and clearly understand what’s happening through best in class analytics.

License the C6 Platform today

  • Low fixed fees
  • Easy implementation
  • Exceptional service